The power of an open mind

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At ASM, we pursue leading-edge ideas and technologies – and it’s our talented, passionate people who make it all possible. We work together to unlock the power of an open mind, finding new solutions that make a real difference to people’s lives around the world. Every day, we aim to foster a supportive, inclusive environment where people and ideas can grow, develop, and flourish.

Join us and discover the Power of an Open Mind.

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Top reasons to work for ASM

As ASM embarks on our growth journey in a new era of innovation, driving growth and differentiating in a fast-paced and everchanging semiconductor industry, we are delivering breakthrough technologies and customer satisfaction. Our innovation power comes directly from its people. At ASM, you'll find an inspiring, collaborative environment where everyone can thrive. 

​​​​​​​This is why you should join us and experience the Power of an Open Mind at ASM.

Thrive being your true self

Join a culture of trust, transparency, and accountability. Here, you will be listened to and trusted to take full ownership and be accountable for your work, given an equal balance of autonomy and support to make decisions and activate your ideas.

At ASM, you can be your true self as we always put our people first, and that is how we will continue to succeed.

Driven to do your best

Everyone who works at ASM is contributing at his or her professional best and encouraged to continue to. Working here puts you in an environment with exceptional leaders and passionate peers who allow great work today and even better work tomorrow. Our size and agility will expose you to a variety of global and multidiscipline projects and not limit your possibilities.

When you are driven to do your best, performance and passion will open doors.

Make an impact

At ASM, we are ahead of what's next. You can make an impact as we continue to grow, evolve, and innovate at a new and demanding speed. Here, you will be part of a diverse group of problem solvers working together on complex technologies and delivering innovative excellence. 

You will see the impact your  innovative work will have on your career, on the future of ASM, our industry and the world. 
We are committed to supporting our people, enabling them to develop their talents and perform at their best. Our goal is to create an inclusive and supportive workplace and a culture focused on accountability, collaboration, and empowerment, allowing everyone to grow, thrive, and develop a fulfilling long-term career.

Our people come from many different countries and cultures but we all share a passion for seizing opportunities to go beyond what’s currently possible.

Career development

We believe that we can only be successful and grow our business by empowering our people to develop as fast and as far as they aspire to. With that in mind, we have created an environment where they are challenged to maximize their talents within a high-performance culture.
Leading edge technologies
​​​​​​​We were founded in 1968, at the birth of the semiconductor industry. Ever since, we have been on the cutting edge in semiconductor innovation as we push the development of advanced computer-chip technology. Our work plays a crucial role in trends such as 5G, biotechnology and healthcare, cloud computing, and AI.

We have a proven track record of innovation spanning a wide range of technologies now used as standard by the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers. Click to learn more about ALD, Epitaxy, Vertical Furnace, Silicon Carbide, and PECVD technologies.

Our role in the world

At ASM, sustainability is an integral part of our strategy. It is one of the key pillars of our approach as we aspire to improve people’s lives worldwide. We are committed to environmental stewardship, sound labor practices, and safety leadership.
Our planet is a shared resource. It is a focus for ourselves and our stakeholders to preserve and protect the environment and create positive impact for a sustainable future. That’s why we strive to realize ambitious targets.  

Aim to achieve Net Zero by 2035, all scopes, 1.5°C, among the most ambitious in our industry. 

Renewable Electricity in 2022, target 100% by 2024. 

Semiconductor Climate Consortium  
ASM co-founded the Semiconductor Climate Consortium and currently chairs the governing council, bringing the entire industry together to address climate change.  


We focus on creating a home for the top talent in the semiconductor industry. We empower our people by helping them develop, thrive and grow – unlocking their potential to be the best they can be while driving the success of our business and customers. 


Creating a safe and healthy workplace 

Our vision for workplace safety is ZERO HARM! – we strive to prevent all incidents and injuries, regardless of severity. Our ambition is to lead in safety, within and outside ASM, collaborating with others to improve the safety of our industry.  

Community, industry, and society impact

At ASM, you become part of a community that is eager to grow its positive impact. This is why we engage, collaborate, and innovate beyond our scale. We team up and give back to the communities where we do business, across our industry and in society overall. Have a look at some examples of ASM giving back. 


We are deeply honored by the increasing external recognition for our Sustainability approach. It inspires us to stay ahead of what’s next and to drive impact beyond our scale.  

AEX ESG Index 
Included in the inaugural 2022 index for having “Best-in-Class” ESG practices 

2023 - 33 Rank 
Corporate Knights Global 100 most sustainable companies 
2023 Yearbook and Industry Mover 
S&P Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) 
For more about our activities in sustainability, have a look at our 2022 annual report. We strive for transparency and accuracy in our sustainability efforts, so we obtain independent assurance of our non-financial disclosures to help ensure its integrity.

Meet our team

Our people are eager to share their ASM experiences with you, from the excitement of being involved with groundbreaking new technologies to how they ensure that everything they do meets a customer need.
Are you ready to be a part of our team?